Tucker Carlson Calls for 'Men of Texas' To Step Up

Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller, issued a bold call. He's rallying the "men of Texas" to protect their state. This comes right after the Supreme Court's decision. A decision that lets the Biden Administration remove border wire.

Carlson's platform? X. His message? Accusations against the powers-that-be. He claims they've decided to "destroy the country" by letting the border crisis persist. He's baffled. Where are Texas' men? Why aren't they safeguarding their state and nation?

Carlson's tweet is fiery: “So it’s unanimous: everyone in power is set to destroy the country by allowing it to be invaded. The population must defend itself. Where are the men of Texas? Why aren’t they protecting their state and the nation?”

The border crisis? It's escalating. National security concerns are mounting. Texas has been in a legal tussle with the Biden Administration. But the Supreme Court has spoken. They ruled border patrol can remove the wire. This wire was a barrier against illegal crossings. Previously, an injunction was blocking this move.

The Supreme Court's decision? A close 5-4, favoring federal authorities. The Department of Homeland Security argued the fencing hindered patrols and apprehensions.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn't backing down. He responded on X. The legal fight continues. Abbott vows to protect Texas' right to secure the border. He insists the razor wire is crucial against illegal crossings.

Meanwhile, Texas' Department of Public Safety took over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass. This led to more court drama. Federal officials said it blocked agent access. But some border patrol agents privately backed Texas' move.

The southern border is witnessing a surge. Over 2 million encounters in fiscal year 2023. Even more in 2022, per federal data. The crisis continues to unfold.