Major Pizza Chain Employees Brace for Bad News With Incoming Minimum Wage Hike

Pizza Hut stores in California are going to stop having their own delivery drivers because they are getting ready for the cost of paying workers more money next year. This means they are letting go of their drivers.

Some Pizza Hut places told the government that they are ending their delivery service. This is part of following a law that says they have to tell the government and the workers ahead of time if they are going to let a lot of people go.

A company called PacPizza, which runs Pizza Hut, decided to stop doing delivery by themselves. So, they won't need delivery drivers anymore. This was announced in an official notice.

Another Pizza Hut company, Southern California Pizza Co., said they are also going to let go of about 841 drivers in different areas of California like Los Angeles and Orange County. This affects many Pizza Hut stores in those areas.

Instead of having their own delivery drivers, many Pizza Hut stores will use delivery services like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash.

This change is happening because, starting in April, fast food workers in California will get paid at least $20 per hour. This pay increase is meant to help them with the rising cost of living in California.

A Pizza Hut delivery driver shared with Business Insider that he was offered $400 to stay until he gets laid off on February 5th. He felt that this amount was too little for someone who worked there for more than nine years. He said it's like getting only $3 a month for all the years he worked.

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