Harvard Girl Cries and Blames Trump Supporters After Threatening to Stab Anyone Who Says 'All Lives Matter'

This Harvard girl displays the wokeness that has indoctrinated the college systems across America. She threatened to stab those who have different views than her.

She actually graduated from Harvard this year. The young girl took to TikTok to tell the world that if she hears anyone say "All Lives Matter" she will "STAB" them.

Talk about complete insanity.

Well, karma struck.

Her employer found out about the video and quickly terminated her. After all, it's dangerous to have someone threatening to kill people working at your company.

Well, she has now resurfaced on TikTok, but this time it's to cry and play the victim card. All she was doing was trying to "stick up for black people."

There are better ways to "stick up for black people" than threaten to stab people who say "all lives matter."

Check it out:

Will she learn her lesson here or will she blast social media with death threats again the next time she feels strongly about something? In their mind, leftists are always the victim, so it's unlikely she learned anything here.

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