ESPN Star Rips Democrats For Going After Trump With Court Cases

During a chat with Patrick Bet-David, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith shared his disappointment with the Democrats. He questioned their persistent legal battles against Donald Trump.

Smith pointed out the series of charges against Trump, questioning the focus on various legal issues. He highlighted actions by Letitia James, the situation in Georgia, and the Mar-A-Lago case.

"One charge after another, you got Letitia James … You’ve got the folks in Georgia with Fani Willis and others. You’ve got, you know, the Mar-A-Lago situation. You got … I mean, we’re really, really, really going to have a trial about hush money to a former porn star? That’s what we’re doing? That’s what we’re doing now?" he asked.

Despite criticizing Trump in the past, Smith blasted his party for failing to significantly challenge Trump. He's stunned by their inability to dent Trump's political armor.

Smith emphasized that while he doesn't believe anyone should be above the law, the continuous legal actions against Trump, who remains a significant political figure, seem ineffective. Trump's popularity and campaign funds keep rising despite legal challenges.

He expressed frustration over the Democratic Party's inability to find a strong competitor against Trump. Smith sees this failure as a significant shortcoming since 2016.

"You had since 2016 to come up with somebody else, and you still can’t do it? That is pathetic. It is pathetic," he said. "And there is no excuse for it whatsoever."

Smith is particularly critical of the party's failure to present a competitive candidate against Trump, considering the time that has passed. He finds the lack of viable alternatives unacceptable.

The ESPN host also questioned the Democratic Party's strategy and competitiveness. He finds it embarrassing that the party hasn't found a strong candidate other than Biden.

When asked if he still supports the Democrats for the 2024 election, Smith admitted his uncertainty. He described it as a "hard to figure out" situation, indicating his mixed feelings about the party's direction.