Elon Musk Gets Roasted By His Own Dad

Last month photo shirtless photos of Elon Musk surfaced and they weren't very flattering for the Tesla CEO, to say the least.

Many people took to Twitter to throw shade at the billionaire, but now even his own father is challenging him over his weight gain.

While appearing on the Kyle and Jackie O radio, Eroll Musk was asked if he is proud of his oldest son and replied with a blunt "No."

Elon's father went on to call Elon's brother Kimbal his "pride and joy."

“You know, we are a family that have been doing a lot of things for a long time. It’s not as if we suddenly started doing something,” Errol continued. “So we’ve all been, as a family, all doing things from the very beginning.”

Errol also noted that he drives a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, and a Mercedes-Benz, but has passed on driving a Tesla.

At another point in the interview, Errol Musk brought up his other son, Kimbal, whom he referred to as his “pride and joy.”

“You know, my youngest son [Kimbal] is also a billionaire, although he’s only a single billionaire — $1 billion,” Errol stated. “He’s my pride and joy, Kimbal.”

It's hard to imagine being let down by your son when he is Elon Musk, but that's exactly what Errol Musk claims to be.

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