MSNBC Anchor Argues 'Hunter Biden Allegations Debunked'

While interviewing White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, "MSNBC Live" host Stephanie Ruhle actually tried to argue that the allegations against Hunter Biden have been "debunked."

Debunked by who? And when? Hello! That is fake news! She is either too dumb to realize she is wrong or she is flat lying because she thinks viewers are too dumb to know that she's lying.

Breitbart reports:

The New York Post has published leaks reportedly from the younger Biden’s laptop suggesting he used his father’s position as vice president to leverage “lucrative” deals overseas with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and more.

Ruhle asked Navarro about Trump owing $400 million, noting it would be “normal” to disclose who he owes money.

Navarro said his “touché point” is the American people “ought to know more about Hunter Biden’s laptop,” to which Ruhle brushed off because he is not the one running for president and it has been “debunked.”

“From a national security perspective, do you think we need to know who President Trump personally owes over $400 million to in the next four years?” Ruhle inquired. “I understand that he’s a businessperson. They owe all sorts of money, but it would be normal to disclose who they owe that money to.”

“Well, the touché point here would be simply, do you think we ought to know more about Hunter Biden’s laptop and that,” Navarro responded. “So, let’s not go there. We’ve had a really good conversation for your viewers. I think when we stick on the policy issues, I think that’s really important. At this stage, if we can just, as we do the closing arguments on each side, stay on policy, I think that would be really good.”

“Absolutely,” Ruhle replied. “We should note Hunter Biden isn’t running for president. That argument has been debunked, and I raised it because you mentioned national security issue.”


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