Dana White Appears on Tom Brady Roast and Makes His 60 Seconds Count

Dana White didn't hold back at Tom Brady's Netflix special. He felt shortchanged with only 60 seconds on stage.

Peeved, he fired a shot at Netflix, questioning if his name wasn't "trans enough" for them. Then, White dished out some zingers about Brady and Jeff Ross.

Amid Bud Light controversy, UFC renewed its deal with Anheuser-Busch. White defended the move, emphasizing the company's support for American jobs and values. He stood firm, despite potential fan backlash, insisting it was an easy decision for him.

White's frustration at the Netflix event was palpable. He wanted more time to shine on stage. However, he didn't miss the opportunity to inject some humor into the evening.

UFC's partnership decisions, including the Anheuser-Busch deal, reflect White's commitment to his core values.

The UFC president's remarks shed light on his loyalty to American companies. He sees these partnerships as essential for the promotion's success.

While not every decision may please everyone, White refuses to back down from the woke left.