Mommy and Daddy Escort Pittsburgh Antifa Kid into Police Custody

Brian Bartels, the 2o-year-old Pittsburgh Antifa leader who incited a violent riot on Saturday, was escorted by mommy and daddy ad he turned himself in to police custody.

Per the Post-Gazette:

Pittsburgh police seized spray paint cans, guns and a sweatshirt from the home of a 20-year-old Shaler man, alleging that the clothing links him to the destruction of a police SUV by rioters Saturday when a protest against police brutality turned ugly.

Brian J. Bartels turned himself in Monday afternoon and was being questioned by detectives.

Police said an anonymous tip from a co-worker of Mr. Bartels at Amazon identified him as one of the culprits who was involved in destroying the marked police SUV that was parked along Centre Avenue at Washington Place near PPG Paints Arena. Police are not accusing him of igniting the vehicle.

Video has surfaced of a man believed to be Bartels dressed in all-black Antifa-style gear smashing the windows out of a police SUV and spray-painting it.

WARNING: The video below shows some of the action and has graphic imagery and explicit language.

As the country bounces back from coronavirus and the nationwide rioting, it's important to get criminals like this behind bars.

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