Biden Uses Fake Southern Accent During Florida Stop: 'Got Damn Boy'

To the surprise of no one, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has pulled away from Democrat candidate Charlie Crist in his race for re-election. To turn things around the Democrats sent southern icon President Joe Biden down to Florida.

This was a bad outing for President Biden, even by his standards. He confused Ukraine for Iraq. Also, he said his son died in combat when he actually died from brain cancer.

After that Biden made an attempt at some shameless pandering when he threw on his best southern accent and created his own southern saying.

"As they say in southern, 'doesn't know where y'all been. Got damn boy.'"

Luckily most of the crowd was asleep so it didn't do too much damage. I think he got a grand total of two claps during his line about taking away Medicare and social security. Plus, how much damage can you do when this race is over?

At what point does President Biden come out and say he is not seeking re-election? After the Republicans take the House and Senate would probably be a good time. So let's say sometime in December.

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