Bad News for LeBron? Rittenhouse Warns About Consequences Coming for Alleged Defamers

On the latest episode of The Daily Wire talk show "Candace," Kyle Rittenhouse stated that he plans to hold accountable those who he believes have defamed him, including possibly LeBron James.

Kyle Rittenhouse, an 18-year-old, was charged in connection with the shooting of three men, two of whom died, during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020.

A jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse on all charges, finding that he acted in self-defense. To many, this was an easy decision and clearly what happened from the beginning.

rewrite: Nevertheless, some — including various celebrities, establishment media personalities and even President Joe Biden — disparaged Rittenhouse and claimed that he was not only guilty of murder but also motivated by white supremacy.

NBA star LeBron James was among the critics of Kyle Rittenhouse, and he mocked Rittenhouse for crying on the stand as he described being forced to use self-defense to kill others.

“What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court,” James tweeted on Nov. 11.

During an episode of "Candace" on Tuesday, Kyle Rittenhouse indicated that LeBron James could potentially face a lawsuit.

“I remember when they read the verdict and I was obviously very happy with the verdict, and I was just so angry at the people like LeBron James who were kind of feeding this narrative that wasn’t true,” Owens said while a graphic of the James’ tweet appeared.

“Is there a justice part B here? Are you going to allow all of these celebrities to have gotten away with that?” Owens questioned Rittenhouse.

“There is going to be some accountability, Candace,” he said which was greeted by cheers from the crowd.

Later in the episode, Rittenhouse doubled down.

“Accountability is coming,” he said.

After Rittenhouse exited the show, Owens said, “May that journey include lots of celebrities, athletes, sports stars like LeBron James being sued for defamation.”

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