American Hero: Off-Duty Detroit Firefighter Sacrifices His Life to Save 3 Girls From Drowning

It's good to see a positive story in the midst of such a time when so much of the media is focused on the negative. This is a true American hero.

Unfortunately, this story has a sad ending. The hero died, but he died to save 3 girls.

Sgt. Sivad Johnson was a Detroit fire sergeant who gave up his life to save girls who were drowning in the Detroit River. Johnson was with his 10-year-old daughter when he heard girls in the water yelling for help.

Johnson, along with other bystanders went into the water to save the girls. Two of the girls were saved by a boat which was passing by. The other girl was saved by a civilian bystander. Unfortunately, Sgt. Johnson never came back to shore.

His daughter called 911 and a search team arrived and looked for him. Sadly, his body was found the following day by divers from Michigan State Police and the Detroit Fire Department.

More on the story from People Magazine:

A 48-year-old fire sergeant from Michigan is being remembered as a hero after losing his life last week while trying to save a group of girls from drowning.

Sgt. Sivad Johnson of the Detroit Fire Department was visiting Detroit River on Friday with his 10-year-old daughter when he and several others went into the water after noticing a group of girls in distress, according to the Detroit Free Press. Johnson’s daughter phoned 911 a short time later when her father didn’t return to shore.

“He was my idol,” Jamal Johnson, Johnson’s brother said. “He was always a hero to me.”

Dave Fornell, deputy commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department, said that even though he died while off duty, Sgt. Johnson's death will be considered a line-of-duty death.

We honor Sgt. Johnson as a real American hero.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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