Wendy's Newest Breakfast Item is Made By Another Fast Food Chain

Wendy's is adding a sweet twist to its breakfast menu. The fast food chain is teaming up with Cinnabon. They're introducing a cinnamon roll-inspired baked good starting February 26.

This partnership is not without risks. Combining forces with a competitor can spike sales but may upset some franchise owners.

Such collaborations aren't new in the fast food world. They allow brands to extend their reach, says Jonathan Maze, editor-in-chief of Restaurant Business. Cinnabon has previously partnered with Pizza Hut and Subway, showcasing its willingness to broaden its audience.

However, this move could worry franchisees about brand dilution. Also, Wendy's breakfast ends before many Cinnabon stores open, offering a unique opportunity to capture early customers.

McDonald’s has experimented with Krispy Kreme in a similar venture. Wendy's hopes its new "Cinnabon Pull-Apart" will attract those looking for a sweet breakfast option. This dessert features a dough dunked in glaze, baked with cinnamon and sugar, and topped with Cinnabon’s cream cheese frosting.

Wendy’s partnership with Cinnabon aims to enhance its breakfast offerings. John Li, Wendy's vice president of Culinary Innovation, emphasized the shared focus on quality and customer satisfaction as key to selecting Cinnabon as a partner.