Wheel of Fortune Ripped After Final Puzzle: 'No Such Thing'

During Tuesday's "Wheel of Fortune," the final puzzle sparked online backlash. Critics claimed the solution, "Wide Empty Field," was nonsensical.

Contestant Amy reached the final round with $27,510. She chose "Place" from two category options. Host Pat Sajak guided her to the puzzle board, revealing a three-word challenge. Amy added "MCHI" for clues.

The puzzle, "I_E EM_T _ IEL," started with a 10-second timer. Amy guessed "Pile" and "Immense field," but was wrong. Sajak revealed the answer as "Wide Empty Field," leaving Amy and viewers dissatisfied.

wheel of fortune puzzle

Sony Pictures Television, owner of "Wheel of Fortune," was contacted by Newsweek for comments.

Online, the phrase "Wide Empty Field" was criticized for being unrealistic. Users on X, formerly Twitter, argued a field cannot be empty, listing grass, insects, and plants as common elements.

Critics on X questioned the puzzle's validity, with comments ranging from disbelief to frustration. The consensus was that "Wide Empty Field" is not a typical phrase.

Despite the controversy, Amy left the show with her winnings and a trip to Iceland, provided by National Geographic. Her disappointment was short-lived, overshadowed by her overall success on the show.