Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Challenges the Lockdowns: 'Politicians Are Stealing the Basic Right To Earn A Living'

Dave Portnoy, the outspoken founder of Barstool Sports, has taken on the way the government has handled the pandemic multiple times.

“New York City just closed indoor dining,” Portnoy said in a video posted to Twitter. “What do they think is going to happen? What do they think is going to happen to the thousands of restaurants, the bars?  They’re done! The bar and restaurant industry, small businesses, have been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed.”

Portnoy noted that these many small businesses did everything within their creative power to play ball with the government by erecting spaces and creating a safe environment for their customers to come and enjoy themselves.

“They’ve been as creative as possible.  They’ve got the outdoor dining,  The structures they’ve had to build on their own dime. You have the glass in between the mask,” he said. “You have the 6 feet of separation, the fewer tables. They’ve been as creative as you can be to save their livelihoods, to save what they spent decades of blood, sweat, and tears building.  They’ve done whatever, they scratched and clawed.  And now, a few politicians in New York City is like, ‘You’re done! We’re  shutting it down!’ No indoor dining.'”

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