Watch: Retiring Officer Gifts Trump His Badge - 'We Have Your Back Because You Have Ours'

In a touching video captured and posted to Twitter, a retiring police officer gifts President Donald Trump his flat badge. While there is no date or location of when and where this took place, the message is still loud and clear: the police, in large, support our POTUS.

The officer, known as "Joel" on Twitter, can be heard asking Trump, “Can I give this to you? Can I give this to you, sir?”

“I am retiring in 12 days. My last act as a police officer, sir, I want to give you this-“ he said once he had Trump's attention.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” the president replied, obviously surprised and honored.

“On behalf of all the men and women that wear this badge that have your back because you have ours," Joel continued, “Thank you, sir."

“That’s really nice,” Trump replied, and pumped his fist while turning to board Air Force One.

Our president has been a large supporter of police officers. When The National Fraternal Order of Police tweeted, “The brave men & women of law enforcement have been attacked & ambushed across the country” the FOP tweet stated. “They want a strong leader that’ll #BackTheBlue. There hasn’t been a more outspoken supporter of the police than @realDonaldTrump[.]" Trump responded, “I will never let you down!”

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