Watch: Duo Sings NFL National Anthem in Shirts Honoring Criminals Breonna Taylor and George Floyd

The teenage singing duo known as Chloe x Halle performed the national anthem for the NFL on Thursday night, and it sounded great. However, it was not a sight for sore eyes. The sister act wore t-shirts to honor Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, two criminals who were killed by police.


Halle Bailey, 20, wore a shirt memorializing the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, and sporting the message “Rest in Power, George Floyd.”

For her part, Chloe Bailey, 22, wore a shirt in honor of Kentucky woman, Breonna Taylor. Chloe’s shirt read, “Say Her Name, Breonna Taylor.”

As the duo sang, the Kansas City Chiefs were on the sidelines linking arms. One player, Alex Okafor, took a knee. The Houston Texans, though, stayed in the locker room instead of taking the field during the anthem.

Here is the performance:

Afterwards, the players locked arms as a show of solidarity, in which they were boo'd.
Tedium reports:

Judging from the reaction, it's pretty easy to see the NFL fans don't want their football action served up with a healthy serving of social justice. Boos rained down on the two teams while the whole thing played out.

Check it out:

Of course, the booing triggered liberals. Anyone who doesn't agree with them triggers them these days.

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