The Most Insane Debt Story You've Ever Heard

We all are close to someone who has a nightmare debt story. Maybe you've even run through $30,000 in unnecessary credit card purchases. But this story will blow any of the stories you've heard away.

On Tuesday, a viral video on Twitter featured a 29-year-old caller sharing the excessive amount of debt that she and her husband had incurred with personal finance expert Dave Ramsey during his radio show.

During the radio show, the caller asserted that she and her 32-year-old spouse had accumulated nearly $1,000,000 in debt and were seeking a solution that did not involve declaring bankruptcy. Dave Ramsey, a renowned personal finance expert, appeared perplexed as he delved into how a couple in their twenties could find themselves in what could be described as one of the most unbelievable financial predicaments ever.

Out of the total debt of the caller, just $210,000 was connected to her mortgage, while the remaining $600,000 was divided among various sources. The couple had amassed $335,000 in student loans from their advanced degrees, while the rest was made up of $136,000 in credit card debt, $44,000 in personal loans, and $35,000 in car loans.

“So, what in the world?” Ramsey questioned, with a corned look on his face. “Are you both on this, or is this just one of you that’s completely lost your mind?”

The woman said that a majority of the student loans were hers, and her husband makes up a bulk of the credit card debt. “I think it’s one of those things where just making really poor financial decisions, thinking you’ll be able to pay it down as you go. And it doesn’t happen,” the caller explained to Ramsey.