Teacher Who Resigned When School Found Her OnlyFans Page Gets Bad News From New Job

Brianna Coppage, a former Missouri teacher, lost her new job as a community support specialist at Compass Health just days after being hired. The reason? Her OnlyFans account came to light, leading to claims she breached the company's social media policy.

"I lasted five days before they put me on leave and subsequently fired me," Coppage shared with KMOV-TV. Despite her claims, Compass Health has yet to clarify the policy violation and did not respond to requests for comment.

Previously an English teacher, Coppage had turned to OnlyFans to supplement her income. Her teaching position was at St. Clair High School, where she earned $42,000 annually.

OnlyFans was a way to address her student loan debts. By October, she reported making close to $1 million from her content on the platform.

However, transitioning away from teaching has presented challenges for Coppage, especially regarding her sense of purpose. "Not having to get up and go to a 9-5 has been tough on my mental health," she admitted to KMOV.

Coppage insists her OnlyFans work was separate from her teaching career. She expressed no regrets about her decisions.

"I taught the curriculum... I didn’t guide them on my thoughts or beliefs... I’m not doing anything illegal. I am a good friend. I am a good family member," she told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.