Southwest Airlines' New Seat Design Has Customers Sounding Off

Southwest Airlines is under fire for its new seat design, set to roll out next year.

Critics on social media have been quick to compare the Recaro seats to "lawn chairs" just days after the announcement. These seats, along with other cabin changes, aim to enhance comfort and support.

The airline touts features like a "multi-adjustable headrest cushion" for better head and neck support. The design aims to optimize seat width and comfort, reflecting customer and employee feedback on color, comfort, and the overall flying experience. Southwest conducted thorough customer research and product testing to choose these seats.

Yet, the online response has been largely negative. A TikTok video showcasing the seats attracted nearly 15,000 comments, with many viewers claiming the seats look uncomfortable.

Criticisms range from jokes about standing to a preference for walking, with some users declaring a switch to Delta Air Lines.

Comments include blunt disapproval and vows to fly with Delta instead. In response to the criticism, Southwest clarified that the social media video doesn't accurately represent the seats.


New fit check! ???? Introducing our updated cabin design and new seats! You can catch this interior on new aircraft deliveries beginning next year. Not to mention our ongoing rollout of adding bigger overhead bins and in-seat power ports to our current planes!

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They maintain that the new design preserves seat width and pitch, with added ergonomic cushioning for improved comfort.