Social Media Shocked By What Supreme Court Justice Said About First Amendment

Social media buzzed after Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's First Amendment remarks on Monday. The case in question, Murthy v. Missouri, challenged the Biden administration's alleged Big Tech censorship collaboration.

Missouri and Louisiana, led by Republicans, sued. They claimed the administration worked with social media firms to censor topics like Hunter Biden's laptop and COVID-19 issues, arguing it violated the First Amendment.

During the hearing, Justice Jackson pondered if the First Amendment was constraining the government too much. "My biggest concern is that your view has the First Amendment hamstringing the federal government," she stated, questioning the balance between government duty and free speech.

Jackson's comments stirred a strong online reaction. Many emphasized the First Amendment's role in limiting government power, suggesting her viewpoint missed the amendment's core purpose.

Critics from various fields voiced their concerns. Fox's Will Cain, California Rep. Bill Essayli, and others underlined the importance of government constraints for freedom. Comedians, writers, and commentators expressed disbelief and concern over Jackson's understanding of the First Amendment.

"That’s literally the point of the Bill of Rights. The government’s powers derive from, and are subservient to, the rights of the People," California state Rep. Bill Essayli pointed out.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey supported the idea that the First Amendment should limit government action. He emphasized the Constitution's role in protecting citizens from government overreach.

The Supreme Court's decision will also affect whether officials can discuss content moderation with tech companies. The case highlights the ongoing debate over free speech and government's role in information regulation.