Shannon Sharpe Demands Drew Brees Retire After he Supported Anthem: 'I will never respect the man'

Drew Brees has been dragged by the media for days after voicing his support for the national anthem. For Shannon Sharpe, that's not enough.

Sharpe is furious with Drew Brees because he said he didn't agree with those who kneel during the anthem. He didn't say they shouldn't kneel or criticize them for doing so. Simply that it's not something he agrees with due to the military history in his family. That was all it took to trigger Sharpe.

Then when Brees apologized that wasn't enough. Sharpe called the apology "meaningless."

What do you think? Was this apology meaningless?

“He issued an apology, Skip [Bayless], but it’s meaningless because the guys know he spoke his heart the very first time around,” Sharpe said during the Fox Sports 1 show. “I don’t know what Drew’s going to do, but he probably should just go ahead and retire now. He will never be the same.”