Sen. John Kennedy Urges Biden to Take Pelosi's Advice to Not Debate - 'Walking Dead Man Politically'

Senator John Kennedy is strongly urging former Vice President Joe Biden not to participate in the presidential debates. He said on FNC's “Sunday Morning Futures” that the Democrat presidential nominee should take House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s advice and sit this one out.

He added that by not debating the president, Biden would be a  “walking dead man politically.”

Here is a partial transcript:

BARTIROMO: And, in concentrating on the next election, this week, Nancy Pelosi said that Joe Biden shouldn’t do any debates.

KENNEDY: Yes, I saw that.

BARTIROMO: Your reaction?

KENNEDY: Right before he went into battle, some lieutenant probably told Custer, don’t worry about it. We can take these guys.

That’s the category I put Speaker Pelosi’s advice in. I hope Vice President Biden takes it, because, if he takes it and doesn’t debate, he’s a walking dead man politically.

BARTIROMO: Unbelievable.

KENNEDY: The American people aren’t going to vote for a president without — without — without seeing him.

You can’t stay in your hidey-hole. You have got to get out and see people and debate. And I don’t — you know, I think the speaker has been tripping to think that the American people are going to tolerate having a party nominee not debate for the most important, powerful job in the world.


KENNEDY: But, having said it, you know, the politician in me says, well, I hope the vice president takes the speaker’s advice.

BARTIROMO: Just extraordinary.

So, will Biden come out of his "hidden-hole" and debate Trump, or will he see his own shadow and get scared back into his basement?

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