Trump Blasts Fox News: 'No Longer Great...An Obstacle to My Campaign'

It's no secret that Fox News has been creeping further and further left for the last several years. It's a shame considering we already don't have many options for Conservative media.

On Friday, President Donald Trump blasted the news station, declaring that FNC is "no longer great."

“One of the biggest differences is Fox,” Trump told Mark Levin. “Fox is a whole different ballgame than it used to be. Fox was great. Fox was great. Fox is no longer great.”

Levin replied that he will likely get calls from Fox News executives to complain about Trump's comments, since he has a weekend program on the channel.

“I say it on Fox. I don’t care,” Trump responded. “What difference does it make at this point?”

Breitbart reports:

The president also criticized Fox News during his two-hour “radio rally” with talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“You have such an incredible audience. So I can tell them about Fox being a big obstacle,” said Trump. “It’s a problem. Fox is a problem.”

Trump admitted to Limbaugh that he would continue to deal with Fox’s more critical tone toward his presidency.

“I deal with ’em. I deal with ’em,” Trump said. “But they’ve gone a very different path. It’s a much different group. They have guys on there that are so bad.”

“They’re going the way of CNN, and they’re going the way of MSNBC, and it’s a shame,” he continued. “I mean, it’s a shame. When I watch it, I look at the people they hire. I mean, I could tell you some of the anchors, they’re so bad.”

Despite his critical comments of Fox News as a whole, he still praised Fox and Friends as “terrific” and declared that late-night hosts Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are still “great.”

He even added that while Tucker Carlson has his moments, he is still “pretty good.”

“Fox is 50 percent of what they were — I would say less than 50, but 50 percent of what they were,” Trump concluded. “That’s still better than nothing. At some point maybe they’ll go all of the way, and that will be fine too. I’ll figure that out.”

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