Report Pulls Back the Curtain on Chilling Allegations Against Church of Scientology

A lawsuit says the Church of Scientology is like a "criminal enterprise." It claims they use famous people, like Danny Masterson, to do illegal things.

The lawsuit says the Church does many illegal things to make money. These include fraud, human trafficking, stealing identities, and money laundering.

The lawsuit also says the Church tries to scare or harm people who speak against it. They use threats, stealing identities, setting fires, and other illegal methods.

The Church of Scientology told Fox News Digital that these accusations are "outrageous" and totally made up.

The lawsuit claims Scientology leaders hide celebrities' crimes in return for their support. It says they did this for Danny Masterson from "That ‘70’s Show," while victims suffered.

The Church calls the lawsuit a trick to get money. They said Danny Masterson got 30 years in prison for rape.

The Church says these accusations are completely false and harmful. They argue that repeating them is malicious.

They want people to see the good work of the Church on their websites. The Church thinks such negative news creates hatred and danger.

The Church's statement doesn't match the serious claims in a new lawsuit. This lawsuit, filed in LA, says Scientology uses the "fair use doctrine" to harm its enemies. These include police, reporters, and politicians.

David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology, is called the head of this "criminal enterprise."

The lawsuit claims Miscavige and other leaders restrict members' phone use. They can't call 911 and must use codes for calls, which leaders track.

The lawsuit has many troubling claims. It uses Danny Masterson's case as an example of hidden crimes.

The people who sued want the courts to use RICO charges. These are used against organized crime, like the Mafia.

The lawsuit says Scientology secretly attacks its enemies. This includes spying, hiring private investigators, and spreading harmful information.

The goal, the lawsuit says, is to totally destroy anyone seen as an enemy of Scientology.

The "fair game doctrine" of Scientology didn't prevent Danny Masterson from being found guilty. He was convicted of two rapes and got a 30-year prison sentence.

This verdict was praised by ex-members like Leah Remini. She left the Church and exposed its practices.

"I am relieved that this dangerous rapist will be off the streets and unable to violently assault and rape women with the help of Scientology, a multi-billion-dollar criminal organization with tax-exempt status," Remini tweeted after the sentencing of Masterson.

"Hearing the survivors read their victim impact statements aloud in court while the man who raped them and some of the very Scientologists who terrorized them over two decades were just a few feet away displayed a level of bravery that I am in awe of."