Woman Calls Costco Membership 'Wast of Money,' Reveals How She Gets Groceries Without One

If paying to shop where you'll spend more money annoys you, this hack is for you.

Tiff (@tiffjessup) shared it on TikTok on Monday. The video hit 416,000 views.

She says you don't need a membership for Costco or Sam's Club. You just need an Instacart shopper with access.

"Life hack: use Instacart for Costco stuff," she starts. She's sitting on grass, eating coconut-flavored Island Way sorbet from Costco.

@tiffjessup instacart/costco life hack lol #instacarthacks #lifehack ♬ original sound - tiff bish

Tiff mentions she has a Sam's Club membership but hesitates with Costco. "That's just dumb and a waste of money," she says. "So I use Instacart."

"I'm addicted to these things," she shows the sorbet. "Especially the coconut one. It's creamy and good," she says, thrilled with her purchase.

Is this hack worth extra Instacart fees? Reactions vary. Some say it works. Others think it's cheaper to get a membership.

One customer doesn't mind the extra cost for convenience. "It's a 5% surcharge. That's ok with me," they wrote.

A Costco worker agrees. "She's 100% right!" Another Instacart shopper confirms the hack, saying they shop for themselves while working.

There are some downsides. CNET checked this method and noted higher costs. Instacart adds $4 for same-day orders and fees for orders under $10.

Some items are still members-only. Specific products might only be online or at certain Costco locations.

Other ways to shop Costco without a membership include using gift cards. Gift cards work like membership cards and get you in without a membership. "You can have someone buy you a Costco gift card to get in," a viewer shared.