Rep. Hice : Pelosi 'Comfortable' With GOP Off Jan. 6 Committee

On Thursday, Rep. Jody Hice told Newsmax that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “comfortable” with keeping Republicans off of the committee created to investigate the January 6 Capitol riot.

"She knows at the end of the day, the buck stops with her," he told host John Bachman. "She wants to talk about wanting the truth. But she does not want the truth because she knows at the end of the day, the buck stops with her."

"I believe firmly, as do many others, that she was directly involved in not securing the Capitol that day by not allowing the proper personnel to be available when they needed to be there," Hice said.

"This is already a baked cake in favor of the Democrats," he continued. "We have a few on our side who were indeed going to ask questions that need to be asked, such as what did Nancy Pelosi know? There is no doubt she was given information. The information was out there. Intelligence was out there that large crowd who's going to be forming on Jan, 6, and there were multiple requests to have National Guard and or other law enforcement personnel available in case it got out of hand. Why did Nancy Pelosi not meet those requests favorably and make sure that the Capitol was secure?"

Hice also commented about President Joe Biden's comments during his CNN town hall, when he said he believes eliminating the filibuster would create chaos in Congress and make it so nothing could get done.

"His entire administration and the entire Democratic Party, as they have the majority right, are doing nothing to help unite the country," said Hice. "In fact, they're doing everything just the opposite. I can't think of a positive decision that this administration has made for the purposes of uniting our country...Inflation is getting out of control, spending is out of control, and our energy Independence is gone. I mean, we go down a whole list of things, not to mention the freedoms of individuals and the mandates that have come down, there's been nothing to unify our country."


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