Professor Wins $30 Million From Ex-Boyfriend in the Ultimate Revenge Ruling

A New York court has slapped a Brooklyn comedian with a $30 million fine. The penalty is for a revenge pornography campaign against his ex-girlfriend, a City University of New York professor. It's the largest verdict of its kind in New York.

Spring Chenoa Cooper, 43, doubts she'll ever see the money from Ryan Broems. Yet, she values the precedent it sets. "I hope that people see this and realize that there are paths to justice," Cooper stated.

Broems was a no-show at court and didn't have a lawyer. After breaking up in 2017, he harassed Cooper with explicit videos and threats. He even threatened to expose her on a blog if she didn't comply with his demands.

Spring Chenoa Cooper with boyfriend

Cooper's ordeal worsened when her intimate images circulated online, accompanied by her personal details. "In those moments, my life would stop," she testified, highlighting the urgency of removing such content.

Cooper obtained a restraining order, but the harassment didn't stop. Broems mocked her efforts on Twitter, further complicating her struggle. Despite repeated takedowns, the images resurfaced multiple times, marking 2018 as "the year of revenge pornography" for Cooper.

Filing a civil suit under New York City's revenge pornography statute was a turning point. The law allows victims to seek damages and legal fees. Meanwhile, Broems faced minimal criminal consequences, pleading guilty to a misdemeanor without jail time.

Cooper's battle brought her no direct confrontation in court against Broems, leaving her in a cycle of fear. Despite this, she retained her position at CUNY and now focuses on helping others understand and support victims of cyber sexual assault.

Cooper emphasizes the severity of cyber sexual assault, urging society to recognize and support victims properly. She's also involved with New York's Cyber Abuse Task Force, advocating for victim recovery through engagement.