PETA Calls Cows' Milk a 'Symbol Used by White Supremacists

Some people like to drink cows' milk, others don't. Then there are others that believe milk is a "symbol used by white supremacists."

Animal activist rights group PETA once tweeted this:

Cows' milk has long been a symbol used by white supremacists. One more reason to #DitchDairy.

PETA released a statement to the Daily Caller in response to the report on milk being a symbol of white supremacy:

"PETA is not alone in commenting on this connection. The New York Times just reported—and is not the only outlet to do so—that white supremacists are obsessed with consuming cow’s milk because doing so shows that they aren’t lactose intolerant, as those of many other races are. The tired response from the deceitfully named Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF)—a front group for, among others, meat enterprises that slaughter billions of animals every year—is an attempt to distract from PETA’s animal-saving work by falsely describing our “shelter of last resort,” which takes in mostly sick, aged, injured, aggressive, or otherwise unadoptable animals. Those at CCF are fully aware that we offer a merciful release for suffering animals, without charge, if their owners cannot afford a final vet visit, and they are even more aware that our successful vegan advocacy is jeopardizing their paychecks. Please watch this video for an honest look at PETA’s lifesaving work."

A lot of people drink milk with dinner, specifically in the Midwest. It's crazy to draw a correlation like this, but that's what PETA is doing.

Have white supremacists embraced milk? Probably, but that's no reason to label milk as a symbol of white supremacy.

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