Poll Shows Who Catholics Are Supporting in 2024

Catholics in the U.S. have significantly shifted their allegiance away from President Biden towards his GOP challenger.

Pew Research released findings on April 30 that detailed religious affiliations' presidential preferences.

Their poll indicated 55% of Catholics now lean towards supporting former President Donald Trump in a direct match against Biden. In contrast, Biden only captured 45% of the Catholic vote.

This represents a 12% swing in favor of Trump compared to a tight 50% to 49% lead in 2020. Biden maintains a slim lead among Hispanic Catholics, 49% to 47%, though this demographic has also shifted right compared to 2020's 67%-26% split favoring Biden.

Meanwhile, around 60% of Protestants back Trump, while only 38% support Biden. In contrast, Biden enjoys strong support from atheists, agnostics, and the religiously unaffiliated, with 69% backing him and 28% favoring Trump.

Biden has emphasized his Catholic faith in his campaigns, presenting himself as a devout believer. However, Catholic leaders criticize his selective adherence to church teachings, highlighting his pro-choice stance and support of gender ideology.

Cardinal Wilton Gregory has even labeled Biden a "Cafeteria Catholic" for selectively embracing aspects of the faith that suit his politics while disregarding others.