Police Issue Mind Blowing Statement After Walgreens Robbery: 'Yes, you read that right'

A Delaware man is accused of stealing over $11,000 worth of cigarettes from a Walgreens, police say.

The theft occurred Thursday at a Walgreens on New Linden Hill Road in Wilmington, as per Delaware State Police on Facebook.

"Yes, you read that right—eleven thousand dollars' worth of smokes!" they wrote.

While an employee was busy elsewhere, the man slipped behind the counter and snatched the cigarettes, according to the police.

Authorities are asking for public assistance in locating the suspect. Anyone with information should contact Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-847-3333.

"Your tip could be the match that lights up this case!" police added.

Police released surveillance footage of the suspect on Saturday.

The man was wearing a red shirt and red shoes, and he was seen pushing a walker in the images.