Ossoff Admits ‘Trump is Right’ About Stimulus Payments

I have NEVER been a fan of Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff, so you can imagine my surprise when he agreed with President Donald Trump’s criticism against the stimulus relief payments of $600.

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” Ossoff said that he agrees with President Trump’s refusal to sign the coronavirus relief bill, stating that Congress “should send $2,000 checks to the American people right now.”

Ossoff said, “I don’t know where President Trump has been for the last eight months while his allies in the U.S. Senate have been blocking this relief. President Trump is as ever erratic and all over the place. But on this point, tonight, he’s right. $600 is a joke.”

He continued, “They should send $2,000 checks to the American people right now. Because people are hurting. And David Perdue, my opponent, who opposed even the first round of $1,200 checks — imagine that, imagine a sitting U.S. senator, who was profiting from the pandemic buying medical and vaccine stocks, opposed even the first single round of $1,200 checks, has obstructed direct relief for the last eight months, and now decided he wanted to cut it down to $600 when people can barely feed their families through no fault of their own.”

Ossoff added, “Congress should pass $2,000 checks. They should have done it two months ago.”


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