Off-Duty Soldiers Scrub War Memorials That Were Vandalized by Left-Wing Protestors

The difference between the left and right has never been more evident. This is even when the case when you across the pond to England.

Some off-duty soldiers took some time out of their day to scrub and clean war memorials that had been defaced by left-wing jerks.

Even in England, they are dealing with the same hate-filled left-wing protesters as we are in the United States. A liberal mob in the U.K. defaced a statue of Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph. This was calculated as they did it on the 76th anniversary of D-Day.

Daily Telegraph journalist Miranda Devine took to Twitter to share a video of off-duty soldiers taking time out of their day to clean the memorial.

“These are real men,” the conservative columnist tweeted. “Builders, not wreckers. Protectors, not vandals. Workers, not slackers. Warriors, not wimps. They are the agents of civilization through the ages.”

The state of Churchill was then crated up for protection. This was the action taken in response to the vandalism.

When French President Emmanual Macron paid them a visit, Churchill was uncrated. It's not clear whether or not he was "re-crated" after Macron's visit concluded.

Devine also shared a photo of Catholics doing their part to make sure the King Louis IX statue in St. Louis, Missouri was cleaned up.

It seems the main goal of the left is to demolish their entire country. That applies to the United States as well as our friends across the pond in England.

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