Notorious Family Dog Kicked Out of White House After 24 Attacks on the Secret Service

President Biden's dog, Commander, was involved in over two dozen aggressive incidents at the White House. The German shepherd bit or tried to bite Secret Service staff and others 24 times from October 2022 to July 2023.

The Black Vault and Fox News Digital released USSS documents detailing these attacks. Commander's first recorded attack occurred as a USSS member held a door for him and President Biden. The dog grabbed the agent's arm but didn't bite through the skin.

Incidents occurred at various locations, including the White House and Biden's homes in Delaware and Rehoboth Beach. On December 23, 2022, Commander attacked a staff member who was unharmed due to wearing multiple clothing layers.

Another attack on June 11, 2023, resulted in an agent being bitten and sustaining shirt damage and minor injuries. Following these incidents, the USSS emailed staff to report any dog-related altercations.

On June 15, 2023, an agent needed stitches after being bitten by Commander, leading to a temporary halt of East Wing tours. The USSS advised staff to keep their distance from Commander in a subsequent email.

In July 2023, Commander severely injured an agent in Rehoboth Beach, causing significant blood loss and requiring stitches and antibiotics. By September 2023, Commander was removed from the White House.

The Secret Service emphasized the importance of employee safety and documented the incidents as workplace injuries. They stated that while they don't care for the first family's pets, they strive to minimize negative impacts.

First Lady Jill Biden's spokesperson, Elizabeth Alexander, mentioned that despite efforts to adjust Commander to the White House, including training and consulting animal behaviorists, the environment was too stressful for him. Commander now lives with other family members.

This incident follows the removal of Major, another Biden German shepherd, due to aggressive behavior. Major was rehomed with friends in Delaware.