'Nobody Talks About How Good It Is': Chick-fil-A Employee Shares the Most Underrated Breakfast Item

A former Chick-fil-A employee, Hailey Grant, shared her food insights on TikTok. While munching on chicken tenders, her video caught the attention of over 239,000 viewers.

Grant praised the grilled chicken club, especially with honey-roasted barbecue sauce. She also suggested adding honey to chicken minis for an enhanced taste.

She believes the egg white grill is the most underrated breakfast item. Grant emphasized its superiority over other breakfast options, noting its popularity among employees. “Nobody talks about how good it is,” she said. “I get that the chicken minis and chicken biscuits are good. Egg white grill does not compare to them. It is so much better.”


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The egg white grill, a combination of egg whites and American cheese on an English Muffin, is a favorite. Grant argued it outshines other breakfast choices.

She also mentioned that there's little taste difference between the diet and regular lemonades at Chick-fil-A. One just has significantly fewer calories.

Grant expressed annoyance with customers who say "My pleasure" to try and get free food. She dismissed this tactic as ineffective.

The Daily Dot reached out to Grant for further comments. Meanwhile, TikTok users rallied behind the egg white grill, praising its taste and versatility.

Viewers shared their own favorites, including a bacon-added chicken burrito and mini yeast rolls with strawberry jam. These personal touches highlight the diverse menu preferences among Chick-fil-A fans.