New Movie Guide Gives Conservative Alternative to 'Woke' Rotten Tomatoes

James Carrick, a conservative film critic, suggests that Hollywood and other film critics are increasingly following a polarizing political narrative in their movies, which he believes is causing audience discontent and estrangement. Carrick, who founded the conservative Christian movie review site "Worth it or Woke?", conveyed to Fox News Digital his intentions of providing an alternate viewpoint to mainstream film rating platforms like "Rotten Tomatoes."

"Worth it or Woke?" commenced in February, providing reviews of current films in theaters, streaming series, and timeless classics from the past, that Carrick deems "worth it" for viewers to watch.

With a deep passion for cinema and a background in theater and philosophy, Carrick hopes his platform encourages people to selectively support movies that align with their beliefs, thus "voting with their dollars". He aspires to make Hollywood realize that conservatives cannot be belittled, ignored, or be imposed with an extreme political ideology.

Carrick's inspiration for the platform came when he observed a recurring pattern on Rotten Tomatoes several years ago. He found that films with a high critic rating and a considerably lower audience score often contained elements and themes that leaned towards the left.

"I started seeing keywords pop up and key phrases [like] ‘brave choice’… and invariably ‘brave’ meant that they swapped a long-traditional character, a long-interesting character with a different gender than what they had been or a different race," Carrick described.

"And then they're patting themselves on the back because they ‘get it,'" he added of professional critics. Carrick said often these types of move are a distraction from the content of the movie.

Recently, Disney's reimagined Little Mermaid, HBO's Velma series, and Netflix's "Queen Cleopatra" have all encountered critique for altering the race or gender of well-known characters or historical figures.

Carrick asserts that critics can be "elitist," often dismissing films that garner positive responses from audiences. He uses the recent Super Mario Bros. Movie as an example, which set a new global record for the highest opening weekend earnings for an animated film.

Despite being overwhelmingly favored by Nintendo fans, earning a 95% audience score, the film received a less favorable 58% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Angel Studio's "The Sound of Freedom," a film centered around the real-life story of Tim Ballard, was also highly commended by Carrick.

In Carrick's perspective, the key" for films with "traditional conservative viewpoints" to succeed was to not be overly preachy. "You can't beat people over the head with this stuff," he argued.

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