New Email Scam Targeting Apple and Facebook Users: Here's How to Avoid Them

At present, two email phishing scams targeting Facebook and Apple product users have been identified with attempts by scammers to obtain personal and private information. To protect yourself against such attempts, here are steps you can take:

Details on the Facebook Scam

First, let's address the scam targeting Facebook users. This recent phishing attempt targets individuals' direct messaging inboxes.

The scammer typically sends an email alerting you that your account has been placed in "Facebook jail," or that Facebook has suspended or disabled it. If no action is taken, they promise your data will be permanently erased within 24 hours if not addressed.

Your email will likely contain an embedded link, and clicking it to recover your account could take you to a webpage that looks similar to Facebook's homepage, prompting you to log in.

Subsequently, you will be asked for your account login email, phone number, name and other personal details. Upon submission of this data, the page requires that you verify your password. With all this information obtained by scammers, they now possess all of the necessary tools to hack into your account.

Details on the Apple Scam

A recent scam involves a phishing email claiming your Apple ID has been locked due to suspicious activities or multiple sign-in attempts. This email instructs you to click on a link which takes you to a QR code generation webpage; scammers use this as an opportunity to collect personal data from you.

After scanning the code, you will be taken to a webpage that requests personal information such as your home and email addresses, bank account numbers and phone number. This tactic is commonly employed by scammers in order to acquire your private details which they could then use for fraudulent activities.

It is essential to remember that Apple will never request personal information or send an email asking you to confirm account details. If you are uncertain of an email's authenticity, always go directly to their official website and log into your account instead of clicking any links provided within the message.

How to Avoid These Scams

Here are some steps you can take in order to protect yourself from malicious attacks:

  • To protect yourself, never click any links in an email that requests sensitive information such as login credentials. Avoid these traps by manually typing their web addresses into your browser address bar. This is the best way to log into Facebook and Apple accounts securely.
  • Consider using an email service like StartMail, which offers multiple layers of privacy protection and can detect phishing links as they arrive. To read my expert review of this email service, visit and search for "Mail" by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the webpage.

In conclusion, it is essential to remain alert and knowledgeable about the latest phishing scams targeting individuals using popular online platforms such as Facebook or Apple. Be wary of any unsolicited emails requesting personal information, and never click on links you don't recognize. Using email services with extra layers of privacy protection can also help detect and prevent scams. By taking these measures, you can protect your personal data and avoid identity theft.

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