New Dream Job: Brand Offers Unique Role to Get Paid to Travel Across the Country

Tech-savvy travelers with a love for soda, listen up! A beverage brand is on the hunt for a "senior soda consultant" for an American adventure.

OLIPOP seeks two best friends who excel in content creation. They'll join the brand's tour, sharing their soda love with locals and each other. The company, known for its flavored sodas, received 90,000 applications last year and reached billions on social media by gifting fans their favorite sodas.

Responding to enthusiast feedback, OLIPOP is now hiring officially. "We wanted to do something different and unique and actually put these people on payroll," said Steven Vigilante, director of growth and partnerships.

The chosen consultants will explore four U.S. cities, with a $10,000 budget for each. Travel and accommodation are covered.

OLIPOP seeks content-creating besties to showcase their journey and the brand. "We want to create an awesome, memorable experience for whoever the two winners are," Vigilante emphasized.

The adventure includes underrated but vibrant cities, aiming to highlight hidden gems. OLIPOP aims to craft the ultimate travel guide through unique markets.

Applications are open on OLIPOP's website until March 22. Candidates must provide personal info, resumes, and video samples.

The journey kicks off on April 5, with the first city explored until April 10. "We want to create an awesome, memorable experience," repeated Vigilante, hoping for the campaign's viral potential.