NBC Election Analyst Reveals the One Key Issue That is Driving Voters to the Republican Party

NBC election data analyst Steve Kornacki said during an appearance on Monday night that the economy is driving voters to the Republican Party.

“Just on the approval rating, which historically has driven midterm results in a lot of ways, Biden is right in that danger zone and Democrats are right in that danger zone. You layer on top of that the feelings, the environment, the attitude, when it comes to the economy, our poll finding that more than eight in ten voters say they are dissatisfied with the current state of the economy,” Kornacki said. “We haven’t seen a number that high on this question since 2009, 2010, around the time of the crash, the Great Recession, that period of time.

“And then, when you ask people straight-up, what’s the most important issue as you make up your mind, the economy and cost of living, inflation,” Kornacki continued. “Those two combined for 37% here in terms of being the top issue. And the folks who cite that as their top issue are breaking in our poll for Republicans by a 43-point margin.”

Check it out:

Two consecutive quarters of falling GDP is generally labeled a recession, according to Investopedia. Despite this, the Democrats have continuously changed the definition of what a recession is.

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