National Grocery Chain Completely Eliminates Plastic Bags

ALDI has removed plastic bags from all its 2,300 stores in the U.S.

Last week, the store reached its 2023 goal. They said this will stop about 4,400 tons of plastic each year from being used.

"Eliminating plastic shopping bags from our stores and transitioning to environmentally friendly refrigerant systems not only help us protect the environment, but they also help reduce costs which we then pass on to our customers," said ALDI CEO Jason Hart. "These decisions help our customers feel good about shopping at ALDI and our employees feel proud to work here."

Hart said the grocery store is one of the fastest-growing in America.

ALDI used to sell plastic bags. Now, customers can buy cloth bags if they need one. This is according to USA Today.

To use a cart at ALDI, you need a quarter. You get the quarter back when you return the cart.

At ALDI, employees don't bag groceries. Customers can use empty cardboard boxes they find, like at Costco and Sam's Club.

ALDI also wants to use natural refrigerants in all U.S. stores by 2035. This will help keep things fresh and is better for the planet. It could reduce their carbon emissions by nearly 60% every year.

Last August, ALDI bought 400 Winn-Dixie and Harveys Supermarket stores. Most of these stores are in Florida. The others are in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.