MSNBC: 'Republicans Willing to Sell Soul' for 'Trump's Big Lie' of Voter Fraud

On Monday, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace accused Republicans of being willing to "sell their soul" for President Donald Trump and his "big lie" of voter fraud.

Wallace declared, “The reality is, there was no fraud, Republicans are saying gobbly goop, none of that is real, it’s just a man who cannot come to grips with the fact that he lost decisively.”

“It is always dangerous when he lies to his voters, but it is creating an unprecedented and perhaps unsustainable instability to make his supporters, to make half of this country doubt the validity of Joe Biden’s victory," she continued about the president. “I think we have to step back a moment and say that Donald Trump didn’t have to do a lot of convincing here. Donald Trump didn’t have to do a lot of lying to his supporters. He picked a scab in which they already believed a lot of this.”

Wallace added, “I understand the how. What I don’t understand is the why. Because this isn’t just, you know, an anti-elite world view, stick it to the mainstream media, they’re out to get us. This is a lie. It is a lie. I don’t understand why Roy Blunt goes along with the lie. I don’t understand why Asa Hutchinson says, ‘Oh, we got to let this play out.’ There’s nothing to play out. Judges appointed by Democratic and Republican presidents have thrown every lawsuit out. Kelly Loeffler said that we have to let the investigation finish. There is no investigation."

"There was no fraud, no widespread fraud, no foreign conspiracy," she said. "There was no fraud. The recounts have turned up votes that are by and large exactly in line with the vote on election day. So I understand the how and I understand that long-standing institutional distrust. I don’t understand the why. Why are Republicans willing to sell their soul for a big lie?”

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