MSNBC Refuses to Respond to Former Host Bashing Network, Executives

MSNBC remails silent while Tiffany Cross blasts them. Claims they doubted her smarts, pushed anti-Trump narrative. She's out since 2022.

Her exit? Sudden. In November 2022, MSNBC cut ties. No contract renewal after two years. Cross breaks silence on her new podcast, "Native Land Pod." Co-hosts: ex-CNN's Angela Rye, former Florida candidate Andrew Gillum.

Cross hosted "The Cross Connection." Criticizes MSNBC. Says they fixated on Trump. "The network’s philosophy was Trump, Trump, Trump. They wanted me to be part of the echo chamber," she asserts.

She talks of unfair treatment. Scripts nitpicked. Claims racial bias. Accuses MSNBC of spreading lies in the press. Rashida Jones, MSNBC president, allegedly manipulated her firing narrative.

Cross felt belittled. No on-air goodbye. Painted as 'unhireable.'

MSNBC stays mum. Despite Cross naming Rashida Jones, alleging press manipulation, they're silent.

The fallout? Negative press. Headlines like "Cross puts MSNBC on blast" in The Daily Beast.

MSNBC's reason for parting? "Repeated bad behavior, bad judgment," says a network source to Fox News Digital. Cross made controversial Florida remarks on Comedy Central.

Keith Olbermann jumps in. Defends Cross. Criticizes current MSNBC hosts for their silence. "Where is the protest, the anger, the condemnation?" he questions. Accuses them of prioritizing paychecks over principles.