Mark Cuban and Herschel Walker Have Heated Debate Over Black Lives Matter on Field

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban and former NFL running back Herschel Walker had a heated exchange during a Fox News special Sunday night.

The special that aired Sunday night was called "The Fight for America." Host Harris Faulkner asked Walker about the rising racial tensions across the country.

"Well, you know, one of the problems that I think we have is a lot of these sensitive topics we do not want to address but we do not want to address these sensitive topics so what we try to do is water them down and shout people down," he said, per Fox News.

Walker, who just so happens to be a supporter of President Trump, challenged the decision of the NBA and NFL to put the phrase "Black Lives Matter" on their fields, courts and sports jersey and made a case that "some people may not believe in BLM."

"I'm not sure what they stand for," he said, "so how could the NFL say we will support BLM or we will do this here without having the players to say what they want because you cannot put that on a player who may disagree with you," Walker explained.

Cuban said the decision by the NBA to paint it on several courts was driven by player requests.

"Wait, wait, no, no," Walker interjected.  "I think Mark is totally correct. We have to address it but you don't address it by saying we will do it without knowing what it is you are doing. No one is coming up with solutions like we will put BLM well…," he trailed off.

"Not to question you, Mark, but do you know what the organization stands for? Besides saying, Black Lives Matter. Because I say one of the things that we have to address is Americans' lives matter."

"Herschel, they're not mutually exclusive," Cuban fired back. Every life matters but when someone is in trouble you address them first. The Black community has had issues and I think, you know, systemic racism has been here for generations and it's not going away unless we do something about it."

Check out the exchange:

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