Kamala Harris is Over $1 Million in Debt for Failed Presidential Campaign

Did you know that Joe Biden's veep pick, Kamala Harris, still owes AT LEAST $1.1 million to vendors for her failed 2020 presidential campaign?

Big oof. Talk about a looming debt.

According to Bloomberg News here are a few of the vendors she owes:

-$523,883 to international law firm Perkins Coie LLP
-$160,702 to TorchStone Global LLC
-$92,408 to California political consultants at SCRB Strategies

Since presumptive Democrat Biden announced Harris as his running make, he raked in another $48 million in just 48 hours. However, he still can't pay off Harris' debt with that money, due to federal law prohibiting him from offering more than $2,000. He can still ask his supporters to donate to her failed campaign in order to cover the debt.

Harris has other means of erasing the debt that don’t require a surge of new donations. She made more than $386,000 in April and May by renting her list of supporters to a digital consulting firm, and most likely can continue to bring in revenue that way. And if the campaign has any remaining physical assets, like computers or furniture, she can try to find buyers.

In January, she made $8,390 selling equipment to hedge fund manager Tom Steyer’s unsuccessful presidential campaign.

It doesn't matter though. The Biden/Harris duo are going to be sore losers, just like Hillary Clinton in 2016. Then they will owe for two failed campaigns!

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