Joe Rogan Praises Trump's 'Perfect' Answer to How He Would End Russia-Ukraine War

On a recent episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, host Joe Rogan and guest, standup comedian Duncan Trussell, criticized Democrats for seeming to step away from their historic anti-war sentiments. They commended former President Trump for his apparent efforts to broker peace amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, suggesting that the threat of nuclear warfare remains present.

Rogan reflected on the significant shift in the anti-war left, expressing concern over its disappearance since his younger years. He implied that Trump is among the few leaders working to de-escalate the Russian-Ukrainian crisis.

Additionally, Rogan expressed disapproval over what he termed as the "rah-rah aspect" of certain politicians' commentary on the war between Russia and Ukraine, stressing that it is a highly intricate matter.

Trussell made a sardonic comment comparing the situation to a "pep rally for murdering people."

Subsequently, Rogan expressed his disappointment about the seeming absence of the anti-war sentiment that was prevalent during his youth among the left. He stated that both establishment Democrats and Republicans appear to be in alignment to prolong the Ukraine conflict.

"They're all united on this idea that they should continue. There's no one, whether it's a Republican or a Democrat," he reflected, while pointing out Democrats of the past were "always anti-war, always."

He continued, "This is the first time where the Democrats are like wholesale buying the narrative and ‘We have to stop Putin. We have to support Ukraine.’ I mean, how many Democrat, peaceful people that used to have syringes in their Twitter bio now have a Ukraine flag?"

Rogan commended Trump for his assertive statements during a CNN Town Hall in May, wherein the potential 2024 presidential candidate confidently claimed he could bring an immediate end to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, should he be re-elected to office.

"If I'm president, I will have that war settled in one day, 24 hours," Trump declared, stating he'd schedule a meeting with presidents of coth countries.

Trump was asked who he wants to win the war and he replied, "I want everybody to stop dying. They're dying. Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying. And I'll have that done. I'll have that done in 24 hours. I'll have it done. You need the power of the presidency to do it."

Rogan characterized Trump's response as "perfect", while he ridiculed CNN for attempting to engineer a "gotcha" moment from an issue of paramount importance – one that potentially holds the world's fate in the balance. He pointed out the casual support for the ongoing conflict with seemingly no discussions about potential compromises, all under the looming shadow of a potential nuclear war.

Trussell was baffled as to why Trump's response was controversial, "I always thought that was sort of the general consensus like among people who were sane was it's not good to blow each other up."

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