'How is That Possible?' Peter Doocy Roasts Karine Jean-Pierre Over Lack of Communication with Border Officials

Fox News' Peter Doocy challenged White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Joe Biden's communication with border officials amidst the border crisis. Doocy highlighted Biden's lack of meetings with border chiefs during his presidency.

Raul Ortiz, ex-Chief of Border Patrol, stated Biden never met him during his two-year tenure. Biden met the current chief, Jason Owens, for the first time on a recent visit to Brownsville, Texas.

Doocy questioned, “How’s President Biden gonna fix the border if he can go years without talking to the head of Border Patrol?” Jean-Pierre responded that Biden was with Chief Owens in Texas, emphasizing his recent involvement.

Doocy pressed on about Ortiz's claim of no contact with Biden. Jean-Pierre mentioned Ortiz's missed opportunity to meet Biden in El Paso in January 2023 and stressed the importance of Biden's meeting with the current chief amid border challenges.

Jean-Pierre blamed Republicans for rejecting a Senate bill aimed at addressing border issues and increasing Border Patrol resources. The bill, blocked by Senate Republicans, also included aid for Ukraine and Israel.

“So, one thing I will say, you’re talking about Chief Ortiz, so he was invited I believe to participate in the president’s first trip to visit El Paso which was back in January of 2023 and he did not attend,” the press secretary said. “He was invited, he did not attend. What I can say is that you saw the president with the present chief which I think is important because we are dealing with challenges at the border because the president has made that a priority with the Senate, in a bipartisan way, to come up with a way to move forward on the border, on immigration. Republicans rejected it because of what the former president, Donald Trump, told them to do. Told them to reject that proposal.”

Doocy shifted focus to the death of Laken Riley, a nursing student allegedly killed by an illegal migrant. Jean-Pierre stated there are no plans for Biden to address her death publicly but promised to support her family.

Former President Trump claimed he spoke with Riley's parents, criticizing Biden's lack of contact.

A Gallup poll revealed immigration as the top concern for Americans, surpassing government issues. This marks the highest priority level for immigration since 2019.