'Grow Up. Do Your Job': Megyn Kelly Rips New York Times for Accusing Her of Spreading Misinformation Related to Paul Pelosi Attack

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who now happens to have an extremely successful podcast, ripped the New York Times for accusing her of spreading misinformation about the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

An article published by the Times on Saturday listed “elected officials and candidates” as well as “prominent figures” who had “spread misinformation or cast doubt on the attack,” one of whom was Kelly. In the article, the Times said she “Raised doubts that all facts were being disclosed.”

Kelly fired back with a tweet that said, “The NYT lists me as a spreader of misinfo re the P Pelosi attack bc I ‘raised doubts that all facts were being disclosed.’ It’s called JOURNALISM. SFPD clearly has more to disclose but if u ask for it, you’re a ‘misinfo’ spreader like @Miguelnbc. Grow up, NYT & DO YOUR JOB.”

“We are learning more about who the intruder was, but many questions remain about the circumstances of the crime, which police have been fairly tight-lipped about and actually contradictory as well,” Kelly had said during her October 31 podcast.

She ripped the media, claiming they were, “rushing to make this about right-wing political violence, and not just that, not just right-wing political violence, this is about January 6, don’t you know? This is about January 6, like everything needs to be for the Democrats today; not homelessness, not crime, not mental illness, January 6; back to that. They will use it for all it’s worth and then some.”

The Times article said:

The flood of falsehoods showed how ingrained misinformation has become inside the G.O.P., where the reflexive response of the rank and file — and even a few prominent figures — to anything that might cast a negative light on the right is to deflect with more fictional claims, creating a vicious cycle that muddies facts, shifts blame and minimizes violence. It happened after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, which was inspired by Mr. Trump’s lie of a stolen election, and in turn gave rise to more falsehoods …

“The press has gone deep, dark down the rabbit hole about trying to say, ‘This is all about January 6’ because the lunatic’s latest iteration of craziness was focused on some QAnon theories, things along those lines, notwithstanding his BLM flag and his LGBTQ flag out in front of it,” Kelly noted, describing the alleged attacker of Mr. Pelosi.

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