Gisele Bündchen Has Touching Moment About Ex-Husband Tom Brady During Interview

Gisele Bündchen opens up about her divorce from Tom Brady. She gets emotional in a teaser for her interview with Robin Roberts. The supermodel sheds tears discussing the end of her marriage.

"Sorry guys, I didn’t know, can I have a little moment?" she asked while covering her face.

Roberts questions her about not foreseeing the marriage's end. Bündchen is visibly moved, needing a moment to compose herself. She previously described the split as "the death of my dream" in Vanity Fair.

The Brazilian model and Brady were together for 13 years, sharing two children. The interview hints at Bündchen discussing co-parenting challenges. She admits to having good and bad days.

Gisele Bündchen

Bündchen also touches on future relationships and romance rumors. She shares her journey towards understanding what she wants and staying true to herself. She emphasizes living truthfully to oneself.

Speculation about Bündchen dating her jiu-jitsu instructor, Joaquim Valente, has surfaced. She spoke about Valente and his family in Vanity Fair, praising their positive influence on her and her children. She values the trust and admiration she has for Valente.

The full interview, "IMPACT x Nightline: Gisele Bündchen: Climbing the Mountain," will be available Thursday on Hulu.