Former Super Bowl Champ Shares Massive Weight Loss and How He Did It

Between 2010 and 2020, Russell Okung made significant achievements in his football career with the Seattle Seahawks, which included being a first-round draft pick, winning a Super Bowl, and being honored as a Pro Bowler twice.

Just like many other offensive linemen, Okung's weight during his extensive career reached over 310 pounds. Yet, in a pattern seen among numerous retired players, he has managed to significantly reduce his weight post-retirement.

At the start of this year, Okung embarked on a water fast that resulted in a weight loss of over 100 pounds. After concluding his second fasting cycle recently, the ex-NFL athlete now weighs in at 192 pounds. His latest journey to weight loss has been meticulously documented on his Instagram account.

"Ultimately, I was still transitioning out of the NFL, I had a lot of questions about the world," Okung said in an Instagram video. "My entire worldview was completely shifting. There's still a lot of questions that I have. I don't want to say that they went away, but I do want to acknowledge that I have much more clarity, peace and acceptance that there are things that I cannot change.

"There are things that I can change and I am really [interested] in bringing my entire self to every experience that I encounter. I'm very happy 'cause I feel rooted. I feel grounded. I know why I'm here."


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In the video, Okung was spotted enjoying a juice, marking his first in over a month.

On Tuesday, he disclosed the dietary intake he has been maintaining post-fasting.

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