Former 'Full House' Star Reveals Real Reason Stars Are Leaving Los Angeles

Candace Cameron Bure has decided to leave Los Angeles, a move influenced by her starring role in the new Christian drama "Unsung Hero." At 48, Bure recently confirmed her departure from Hollywood, citing safety as a key concern.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Bure expressed that she and her family no longer felt secure. "We didn't feel safe anymore," she said, emphasizing that this was the primary reason for their move.

Bure highlighted the lack of privacy at their previous home, noting, "Not everyone in Hollywood lives behind guard gates, and we weren't behind gates." The actress recalled multiple unsettling encounters with overly enthusiastic fans on her property.

"People feel they can just be a part of your life," Bure remarked on the intrusions. She described the mix of innocent and harmful intentions that contributed to her unease.

Addressing her followers' inquiries on social media, Bure confirmed her relocation. "Many of you have asked, ‘Did you move?’ Yes,'" she posted on Instagram. "‘Why?’ Mostly for security reasons."

Family changes also played a role in her decision. "The kids don’t live in Los Angeles anymore. Mama will go where they go! I travel a lot. The seasons of life," Bure explained.

As empty-nesters, Bure and her husband, Valeri, are adjusting to life without their children at home. In January, she shared how maintaining strong relationships with their children has helped them transition.

"We cultivated those strong relationships... And now that they're adults … now's the time where you get to be friends with your kids. And it's pretty awesome," Bure said.

Bure's daughter Natasha recently moved to Austin, Texas, seeking new experiences. "I want to get out of my comfort zone and try something new," Natasha explained in a YouTube video.

Despite rumors, Bure clarified their relocation within California. "There have been all kinds of stories as to where we moved, and none of them are right," she stated. "We didn't move to Nashville. We didn't move to Texas. We're actually still in California."

Bure credits her upbringing in L.A. and her parents' guidance for her well-grounded approach as a child star. "I went home and still had to do chores and take out the trash and do homework," she recounted.

The actress also reflected on the dark side of child stardom after watching "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV." She found the documentary troubling but appreciated her positive experiences and supportive environment.

Bure feels deep empathy for those affected by the industry's darker aspects. "It's awful to watch and really heartbreaking," she commented on the struggles faced by others.

Concluding with advice for newcomers to the industry, Bure stressed the importance of caution. "You gotta trust your instincts. And if something doesn't feel right, you gotta just wave the white flag and, like, get out," she advised.