Google Pauses Newest Tech Project After It Refuses to Show White People

Google's AI tool, Gemini, is pausing its image generation feature. This comes after it refused to create images of White people, sparking backlash on social media. Users noticed that Gemini replaced White figures in historical images with people of other races.

Google apologized for the inaccuracies in Gemini's historical depictions. Gemini, previously known as Google Bard, is a multimodal large language model. Its responses vary based on context, prompting language, and training data.

Fox News Digital found that Gemini wouldn't show images of White people, citing the reinforcement of harmful stereotypes. However, it offered to celebrate the diversity and achievements of Black individuals, showcasing notable figures like Maya Angelou and Barack Obama.

google create a white family

Gemini was hesitant to display images celebrating White people's diversity and achievements. It argued that media historically overrepresents White achievements, risking further imbalance.

Jack Krawczyk, Senior Director of Product Management at Gemini, said they're working to improve these depictions. Despite the controversy, Gemini aims to generate a wide range of people in its images.

Google has been competing with OpenAI's ChatGPT since its 2022 launch. The rebranding of Bard to Gemini introduced three subscription tiers, each designed for different tasks.

The Babylon Bee did what they do best and made us laugh about the situation, showing a satirical Gemini image generation of Clarence Thomas: